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Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 58: Lufthansa’s Ambitions

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 58: Lufthansa’s Ambitions

October 5, 2016

If anybody needed a reminder that the airline business is an interesting business, they got it last week as Air Berlin announced it will be handing over a big chunk of itself to arch competitor Lufthansa. Will Air Berlin be saved by shrinking itself? Not stopping there, Lufthansa decided it would also become the full owner of Brussels Airlines. Are either of these acquisitions a good thing for Lufthansa?

Meanwhile, Air Canada continues to treat the world like it’s a buffet, loading its plate with six new intercontinental routes last week. One thing fueling Air Canada’s aggressiveness is the B787, which, by the way, just crossed the five-year anniversary of its first delivery. Delta has set its sights on Boston, and that could spell trouble for JetBlue. And IAG has further deepened its alliance with Qatar Airways.

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