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Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 30: Qantas’ Boomerang Effect

March 8, 2016

After hitting the floor in 2013, Qantas, has—like a boomerang—come all the way back and more. In fact, the Australian carrier set an annual profit record in 2015. Despite enjoying the same advantages inherent to the Land of Oz right now, Virgin Australia has not found the same level of fortune. But in terms of operating margin, at least, there’s one airline in that corner of the world outpacing both those carriers as Air New Zealand continues to defy gravity and surprise the editors of Airline Weekly.

In Bogotá, Avianca appears to be weathering—in pretty good fashion—the economic storm that’s consuming Brazil right now. Aeroflot is doing its own bit of weathering, demonstrating its resiliency in a tough home economy. And lastly, United grapples with some shareholders who want changes to the airline’s board.