Airline Weekly Lounge

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 34: Will Virgin and Alaska Be Happy Together?

April 6, 2016

Alaska Airlines clearly wants to be the dominant carrier on the West Coast, and if its purchase of Virgin America goes through, it will have four focus cities—Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle—all clustered on the Pacific. Such a network might look very different from the network of United, Delta, or American, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work, and it actually resembles the networks of a couple of other successful carriers.

All in all, in this episode, we give our blessing to the Alaska-Virgin marriage, even if the wedding will cost a fortune. Plus, we check in on Brazil’s Gol, an airline that reported some frightful losses. And lastly, little Cebu Pacific did it again, serving up stellar profits in Q4 and making 2015 a stellar year.

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