Airline Weekly Lounge

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 56: Frontier Airlines CEO Interview

September 20, 2016

Because Frontier Airlines is a non-publicly-traded carrier (which, for one thing, means it doesn’t have earnings calls), it’s all the more interesting to interview the airline's CEO Barry Biffle. Of course, we asked about a possible merger with Spirit or a possible IPO. Not surprisingly, we didn’t get too far there, but Biffle did open up on some interesting topics, such as Frontier’s successful second quarter, unit revenue pressures and what it takes to grow capacity 20% per year. We talked fleet plans, engines, operations, network philosophy, the labor situation and Frontier's soon-to-arrive Havana service.

Also, is there enough elbow room in the U.S. for three growing ULCCs–Frontier, Spirit and Allegiant? And how big of a threat do legacy carriers pose as they segment their seats to offer no-frills tickets at a no-frills price? No stone was left unturned. Come with us and explore Frontier!

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