Airline Weekly Lounge

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 33: Is Virgin Merging With Alaska?

March 29, 2016

If the U.S. airline market were to see even more consolidation, what kind of effect would it have? That’s one question we consider in a discussion about the possible acquisition of Virgin America by another airline. We also talk about possible consolidation in Europe, where it’s a more urgent need. There are reasonable airline pairings to be made there, including IAG tying up with Finnair. But will it ever happen?

Virgin Atlantic, meanwhile, had a decent 2015. Will the profits continue in 2016 with Norwegian breathing down its neck? And lastly, Israel’s El Al had one of its best years ever despite a host of challenges—but Israel’s open skies agreement, which ushered in more competition, doesn’t seem to be a challenge at all.

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