Airline Weekly Lounge

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 48: Azul’s Ambitions

July 13, 2016

Brazil’s Azul is no doubt an innovative airline. But has it become too clever by half with its low-cost longhaul venture? A couple years into the experiment, we discuss it in this episode. Meanwhile, its competitor Gol is asking for relief from its bondholders. When the economy recovers, what are the prospects for both of these airlines?

Further north, a rumor has been floated that Delta is interested in buying a piece of WestJet. Etihad might be wishing it never bought into Alitalia. But everybody among U.S. carriers wants a piece of Havana, and the U.S. DOT only had so much to dole out. Malaysia Airlines has a new CEO. And we take a look ahead at the U.S. earnings reports, which will start hitting the streets this week.

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