Airline Weekly Lounge

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 64: Rising Sun

February 7, 2017

Japan Airlines is enjoying a charmed life right now. How good is it? In 2016, JAL was the most profitable of the large global airlines outside the U.S. All Nippon Airlines is also doing pretty well. ANA has narrowed the gap between it and JAL, which is still benefiting from the retrenching that followed its 2010 bankruptcy. But both are facing revenue pressures. Meanwhile, Avianca chose United as its dance partner in the western hemisphere. What that dance will look like still remains to be seen. Lufthansa is feeling good about its longhaul premium economy product.

Indigo saw profit margins cut in half but still has plenty to smile about. And Jet Airways? Well, at least they have a profit margin. And lastly, Allegiant posted a ho-hum 20% margin in the fourth quarter. That was down considerably from the year before but still will likely end up being among the best in the world.

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