Airline Weekly Lounge

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 68: Turkey’s Tough Times

March 15, 2017

Once again we consider the ongoing demand problems in Turkey. The numbers are in, and they’re not pretty. Turkish Airlines posted a $300 million loss in 2016. Pegasus Airlines chipped another $50 million loss, a comparably bad number. But there are signs of hope. One of those signs could be the recent decline in oil prices. If this is the beginning of a downward trend, many—but not all—airlines around the world will rejoice, especially in the U.S. Pop quiz: What do the giant, mature airports Amsterdam and Seoul Inchon have in common? Answer: They’re both growing relatively fast. Why? Also, what does the upgauging trend mean for the A319-NEO and B737-MAX? And we close the show with a look at the weather—seriously. Click here to subscribe to podcast. –Jason Cottrell Subscribe to Podcast  | Listen Whenever: iTunes | Stitcher

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