Airline Weekly Lounge

Airline Weekly Lounge Episode 83: Solid Start to Earnings Season

October 17, 2017

Despite being dinged by rising costs, Delta opened the third-quarter earnings season with its customary show of strength. Revenues rose 6% on just 2% growth, and it posted a 16% operating profit margin. While things aren’t quite as good in Europe, airlines there have much to look forward to, namely the elimination—one way or another—of Monarch, Air Berlin, Czech Airlines and possibly Alitalia. Is that enough to lift other European carriers? Lufthansa seems especially confident. It’s looking to not only lose a competitor in Air Berlin but also gain planes for its Eurowings unit—and it’s placed a bid for parts of Alitalia.

Meanwhile, Bombardier might have found a solution to its Boeing problem by—wait for it—partnering with Airbus. Lastly, Southwest appears to be at last headed for Hawaii. No doubt the mai tais will be nice, but can the LCC compete there?

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